Lean to lighting gantry display stand
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Lean to lighting gantry display stand thumbnail
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Lean to lighting gantry display stand thumbnail

Lean to lighting gantry display stand

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Lighting Truss lean to

Black Steel Lighting truss lean design

This design as per all lighting truss can be altered in size and configuration as required Illustrated here is a stand with dimensions of 2.8M wide x 2.4M out and with a height of 2360mm The total dead weight is 56Kilos.

This wall and floor mounted standing will take about 1 hour to erect it will need to be secured.

Connection of the corners and straight sections is made by plugging the sections together with the supplied cone connectors. Each join is then secured with bolts and wing nuts.

The Stand is primarily intended for interior use, it is steel powder coated with eggshell finish black paint. Overall the black steel triangular lighting truss sections are 183x183x183cm with 18mm steel tube supported with 5mm steel lattice, this stand is constructed out of a maximum length section of 1.5 Metres. This means relatively easy transportation and compact storage when not in use.

Black steel is not a certified system for larger builds and is not as comprehensive as System 35 or System 50 Aluminium alloy stands which are certified exhibition gantry systems.That is to say not all designs can be constructed. Black Steel represents a very economical solution for small lighting rigs, discos, wall mounted banner stands, display stands and so on, its a particularly useful product for shopping centres, showrooms and permanent displays, easily adaptable for use as wall mounted banner frames.

For Display Graphics we recommend deduction of 60mm on the height and 80mm from the width, including eyelets, this would be the dimension of the exterior corner of the truss pieces.Banners can be secured with elastic bungee or cable ties.But please check with us before proceeding

Coker Expo can print the banners on a variety of Medias PVC Fabric and Backlit fabric. Please ask about lighting options we have a variety of exhibition lighting to compliment this stand together with branded plinths and counters.

This frame can be expanded as required or reduced in size it can also be re configured to fit any wall and floor space. Coker Expo do offer cad drawings but this is not a free service with this budget range. Advice is free and we are happy to talk!

This stand is 2.7M wide x 2.36 high

Delivery time: Please allow 2 weeks from order for both the stand and 1 week for graphics.


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