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Rope and Posts and Retractable Queue Barriers.

Coker Expo supplies a range of exhibition display accessories and queue guidance systems.

There are really only two styles of queue guidance system and pedestrian cordon; the classic rope and post system and the relatively new retractable barrier.

Coker Expo offer a range of quality stanchions; chrome, brass and paint finish, now you just need to decide if you prefer the look of a classic rope or a modern retractable belt that will help your customers to form an orderly queue whilst waiting to be attended to.

The English Posh Ropes are 25mm diameter and are supplied in a range of colours to complement your branding, and are sold in lengths of 1.5m with brass or chrome hooks.

The retractable strap can be wall mounted with a child proof locking switch, or as a tension barrier post system, offered in chrome finish. Each kit comprises of 4 posts, bases with 2.5M black belts fitted with a safety clutch.

For more information on the queue guidance systems available at Coker Expo, please call us on 01256 768178.

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25mm diameter ropes for barrier systems.

English posh ropes 25mm Coloured rope with trigger hooks...£28.00

RopeMaster 25mm rope with trigger hooks brass and chrome.

Ropemaster Velour rope 25mm Velour ropes with trigger hooks.£17.00

Wall eye plate for rope and post.

Wall eye plate Brass or chrome wall eye plate for rope and...£6.00

Safety barrier with twin belts for outdoor safety management. Post and twin belt.

Outdoor twin retractable barrier and posts Weather Master...£94.00

High visibility safety barriers with single and twin retractable belts options

Safety Master Retractable belt barriers Safety messages on...£55.00

Indoor cafe barrier and cordoning.

Indoor cafe barrier and cordoning S70 Cafe barrier.£290.00

Sign holder with inserts A4 Chrome

A4 Post top sign Sign Holder This A4 portrait chrome poster...£34.00

5 set Posts, queue rope and post barrier.

Set of 5 x RopeMaster posts Crowd control system choice of...£218.00

Post and rope queue posts,crowd control system choice of tops and finish

Rope and Post Gold Or Chrome Rope and Post is a high...£46.00

Social distancing retractable belt barrier post

Social distancing retractable belt barrier post Pair of...£150.00

Retractable belt barriers, Portable and Weatherproof

Outdoor retractable barrier and posts Weather Master...£67.00

Twin retractable belt barriers.

Retractable belt barriers Twin Safety barriers with twin...£68.00

Wall mounted queue control barrier with retractable belt 2.5M.

Retractable strap wall mounted Chrome wall mounted...£30.00

Kudos, retractable belt barrier posts, quality chrome finish.

Kudos retractable belt barrier posts Retractable belt cordon.£175.00

Kudos queue barrier posts with retractable straps.

Kudos retractable barrier post with 2.£45.00

Banners for cafe barrier systems

Printed cafe barrier banners Stoplight PVC banners, for...£41.00

Alfresco Prime cafe barrier posts + Cross rails (not including banners)

Cafe barrier system posts Alfresco prime chrome cafe...£180.00

Coffee Time black posts add cross rails (3 widths)

Coffee Time cafe barrier Cafe street barriers black posts...£65.00