Trio aerial lighting rig, 2m Trio circle.
Trio aerial lighting rig, 2m Trio circle. thumbnail

Trio aerial lighting rig, 2m Trio circle.

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Aerial lighting rig 2m diameter circle

Spigot and pin connection systems.

A 2m diameter aerial lighting rig in our Trio System 35 modular truss system, ideal for suspending from a ceiling to carry an array of lighting fixtures. High quality aluminium truss circle in a 35mm diameter tube with quick set up spigot and pin connection system, no fiddly nuts and bolts, 4 piece 900mm radius sections. Supplied with 4 lifting eyes, weight of 25 kgs.

Add your lighting fixtures to complete your display, bring life and style to the area that you are hanging your structure in. Hang a banner from the trussing and get your brand and message over to all who see it high up in the air.

Need your trussing painted? Any colour possible by quotation.

We can also supply this build in Duo or Quad in any of our other various system types. Tube diameter sizes from 35mm to 50mm, call for info 01256 768178.


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