Lockwall 6x4 Metre stand Design number 17.
Lockwall 6x4 Metre stand Design number 17. thumbnail

Lockwall 6x4 Metre stand Design number 17.

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Exhibition Stand Lockwall 17

Modular exhibition stand.

This 6x 4 metre design is open 3 sides and incorporates an interesting couple of inviting interior sales areas where your potential customers can feel relaxed. The price shown does not include the graphics which of course are available in the options selector below Once we understand what the goals and reasons for attending an event are, we can go ahead and design the space with those parameters in mind. You may be launching a new brand, new product or networking at the event,If we have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve this will be helpful for us to design a solution that is not just great visually but fit for purpose. Dont forget we can also build this stand and take it away, you can rent it or purchase, the system will give years of service and the graphics can be updated as required.


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