Turntable for maximum load 50 Kilos with power for the display such as display lighting

Turntable TTC500 with slip rings

TTC 500 Rotating Display Stand


Rotating Display mains Powered, the TTC500 will rotate up to 50 kilos balanced load. TTC500 units have screw fixing holes to secure down and a rotating platform with mounting holes for the product display. Rotating at 2.5 rpm.The display stand is fitted with slip rings which supply power up to 4amps to the display useful for display lighting.

The dimensions for this display unit are 230mm rotating turn plate with a 300mm base, the unit stands 100mm high, fitted with a power outlet at up to 4A. Please note that this unit can also be used upside down the weight loading will be reduced to 25 kilos maximum.

We can also make units that will operate at 1 rpm or counter clockwise. We can also fit a separate power cord for the slip rings to give individual control

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