Turntables 20 Kilos with power rings for revolving displays, TTC200SR

TTC200SR Turntable

TTC200SR is a 20 kilo load carrying turntable.

Slip rings to power an item placed upon the turntable


TTC200SR (Formally TTC250SR)

A mains powered display turntable unit the TT200SR is fitted with slip rings (4amps) to power a display placed upon it. This turntable will rotate loads up to 20 kilos at a speed of 2.5 rpm. The top turn plate is 230mm diameter with a 300mm base plate, the unit stands at 100mm high. This turntable is supplied as a bare bones motor drive for you to fit a secondary deck to compliment your particular display.

Please bare in mind every object creates torque on your motor and the clutch, effectively additional weight, consider this with your application, we are here to discuss your needs 01256 768178.

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