16amp lighting track
16amp lighting tracktrack lighting circuits

Lighting tracks for exhibition and retail display applications, 2m.

Lighting Track 2m

Available in Black White or Satin Silver.

240 volt, 16 amp.


2 Metre section of our lighting track system.

This light track has been selected for exhibition and display use because of its strength, it is a 240 volt, 16amp track which would normally exceed the requirement with LED lighting but the strength of the track means easy installation and removal at an event where time and ease are top priorities.

The fittings are clicked into the track and then locked in place without the need of tools, Tracks are handed left and right power feed and so when fitting light units they must be put in the right way, once familiarised it's a very quick and easy operation.

Each track comes with a dead end and a live end ready to accept mains cables.

At Coker Expo we can pre fit mains leads and help with your display lighting selection just call the lighting team on 01256 768178

Mains lead
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