8 Panel Pole display stand in portrait orientation
8 Panel Pole display stand in portrait orientation8 Panel Pole display stand fabric colour swatch8 Panel Pole display system in blue and grey

4 Panel and pole display stand kit.

4 Panel and pole kit with choice of panels

Modular display stand


We all start some where when it comes to exhibiting and presentations, here is a simple panel and pole display stand with bar feet, a good basic starting point for a modular display stand, add to it as your needs develop. 4x 600 x 900mm panels, 6x 900mm poles and 3 bar feet at 9kgs. Panels can be used in horizontal or vertical format.

Please select colours from our swatch, standard and luxury loop, you can have different colours each side. Also a choice of black or grey Pvc frames, the trims width is 15mm all round. Fix your info quickly with a dab of hook velcro.

Expect 1 week supply time, quicker for the standard blue/grey colour combination.

Colour of Panels
Upgrade to Premium panels
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