70w Shop or Exhibition spotlight with CDM lamp
70w Shop or Exhibition spotlight with CDM lampMH 70w Theatrical style spotlight CMH

Exhibition and display spotlights with CDM bulb technology.

MH 70w Theatrical style spotlight CMH

Metal Halide technology in a polished can. This is the very special display light it develops a very powerful powerful directional flood using only 70W of power equal to about 500w as halogen rivals. This light will make a significant difference to any display. The control gear is housed within the polished can unit to give the much loved showy look.Excellent flood lighting The CMH lamps employed give a bright cool white and bulbs are rated for 5000 hours life. We would advise approx 3m spacing between units. Please note these lights have a slow warm up time (3mins) and must be left off for 10mins before restarting. Unit measures 300mm long x150mm diameter hasp is also 150mm from foot to centre fixing.

This 70w CDM spotlight is ideal for use for Shops Exhibition and trade show on lighting truss systems but equally at home in the retail arena being bolted to ceiling beams in shops by its handy fixing hasp. CDM technology means the built in bulb has a life time estimated at 9000hrs on this light and colour rendering at 3000k with its UV colour block. This spotlight comes with the filter housing and a daisy connection as an optional extra for use with our lighting cable system.

Lamp Is Extra, please note this is not a standard lamp, its Ceramic Metal Halide, not to be confused with halogen nor LED the lamps are only compatible with this lighting fixture.


Lamp socket: E27 Max. capacity: 70W / 90W Power Supply: 230V Cable: 30 cm Dimensions: 295 x 195 x 260 mm (LxWxH) Weight: 3,3 kg

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