Octopus Inflatable tents
Octopus Inflatable tentsOctopus Inflatable tentsOctopus Inflatable tentsOctopus Inflatable tents

Octopus Inflatable tents


The stunning Octopus Dome by Coker Expo is a most popular Inflatable Dome. Octopus Domes are such a versatile promotional tool that they are used by customers for a huge variety of purposes, including event and exhibition stands, VIP areas at music festivals, mobile bars, pit lane shelters, as well as portable shelters for vehicle smart repair services. The best part? They can inflate in as little as 45 seconds! We custom make all of our Octopus Domes, so nearly every size and colour is possible. Starting with a square 4 leg 3m x 3m model, our range goes right up to a maximum size of 20m diameter. The 20m diameter model has eight legs and an internal height of almost 9m, creating an amazingly light and airy space. We offer a full printing service and can either digitally or screen print your logos onto almost every section of the dome. Each door panel is fully removable and every inch can be covered in a digital print for stunning visual impact. Branded door panels are a great way to offer interchangeable sponsorship and branding positions, or to uttilise your Octopus Dome to promote a variety of brands or products at different events, as each panel can be attached and removed with ease. We pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship that goes into every Octopus Dome, and we are confident that we provide the highest quality, most cost effective inflatable structures around.

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