Custom display lightbox in aluminium finish
Custom display lightbox in aluminium finishCustom Led display light box in aluminium finishCustom display lightbox in black paint finishBespoke display lightbox with Led lights onBespoke display light box in aluminium finish and opal acrylic

Custom made light boxes, bespoke made to your specific dimensions, our Led back lit light boxes come in two case depths and are built to the highest quality.

Custom Made Light Boxes

Silver aluminium finish or painted by quotation.

Led backlit lightbox for transparencies.


Custom made light boxes with Led illumination for back lit display needs, ideal for both inside or outside use applications. A modern light box is now illuminated with Led diodes and we use some of the best, run in series, in rows across the back of the light box. We offer tow depths of light box the smaller units will be 100mm deep the larger units will come in a 135mm deep aluminium profile. We use a layer of true opal and a layer of acrylic to sandwich and hold your transparency in place. The Opal acrylic acts as a diffuser for the bright back lit Led's. Sizes given are the visible area, a 20mm profile is used to make up the snap frame surround of the light box case.

Designed for exhibition, retail and signage needs, for example above a shop front or as back wall in a shop display area. Here are a couple of standard sizes for a price guide. We can also make these lightboxes in single or double sided versions in most sizes. Please call or email us for a quotation on your custom requirements.

We are also able to print high quality digital transparencies, not paper run outs that lack contrast.

We are also able to produce our custom light box frames without electrics, so a basic sign tray with a choice of media covers for use with cut vinyls to create a bespoke shop frontage sign with out illumination. We are also able to offer a paint service by quotation should you wish to have a colour finish to your truly bespoke light box.

Any questions please do call 01256 768178.

Case depth 100mm anodised
Case depth 135mm anodised
Case depth 100mm painted
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