6x3M Quad gantry stand
6x3M Quad gantry stand System 35 Quad TExhibition gatrey quad corner

S35 Fast build quad lighting gantry

Quad Lighting Gantry Systems

Modular for multiple configurations


So many exhibition gantry designs can be created with one system.

This example illustration shows quad S35. Quad 35 has four tubes each 35mm and the system uses the same rapid joining system as our standard Trio S35 fast building without tools and virtually no deflection. Super strong and very practical.

An eye catching quad lighting gantry system. Our systems are designed to be adaptable so the modular truss elements allows for many different designs using the same parts list.

The example truss system has dimensions of 6M x 3M x 3.0M high. This structure can use our multi box junction as an option, with this you can create any junction you need just by adding some extra half conicals.

Please call Coker Expo 01256 768178 for more information, we are happy to design a system just for you.

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