Quad Lighting Gantry, 3mx3m floor area
Quad Lighting Gantry, 3mx3m floor area

System 35 Lighting gantry stand.

System 35 Quad Lighting Gantry Stand

Square or Rectangular configurations.


System 35 Quad offers a very fast build time, immense strength and style in a 35mm diameter tube. Each section comes with a set of conicals, pins and clips. Quick and easy set up and take down makes truss a perfect solution for carrying lighting, signs and banners at any exhibition or trade show event. Add to this basic structure as time goes by and your need for a larger floor size becomes a requirement.

This Example is square, at 3m x 3m x 2.5m high, but can be built to a variety of sizes with the addition of extra sections, this will allow you to alter the configuration of the truss components in your aluminium structure and make a multitude of stand sizes.

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